An amount of people today change their career and place of residence several times during their lives. Is this positive or negative to development?很多人在一生中不时改动自己的寓居地以及工作,是好还是不好?(2013年10月19日)


  Many parents these days work in other countries, taking their families with them. Do you think advantages of the development outweigh its disadvantages? 很多父母往常在异国他乡工作,会带上自己的家人,能否利大于弊?










  【首段】 背景引见 + 争议焦点 + 作家立场

  Sure enough,with the availability of new technology, people may get a reasonable career in any favorite cities without considering regional limits. No matter where one dwells in, he or she can keep contact with their family members via the Internet or airplane timely. One of the traits of modern way of working is that people enjoy more freedom in terms of selecting their dream jobs and places of residence. To voice my opinion, the merits of free job selection and multiple career choice prevail over its possible downsides.

  【二段】 多元职业和候鸟生活之利好的展开

  Seen from positive aspects, many benefits can be acquired. First,multiple career choice and constant change of residence means a broad range of working experience and constant refreshment. Meanwhile, one can become more talented and competent by taking up various jobs. Also, regular change of jobs makes one excel professionally and living in different cities greatly enriches one’s experience of the world. Hence,one can have brighter career and enjoy precious memory in the future. Last,to embark on more jobs in diverse cities enables one to have better personal resources. A well-connected interpersonal network,to some extent, indicates more splendid opportunities of job-promotion, comfortable salary and even the room for career achievement.


  On the downsides, some problems might ensue. For a start, the decomposition of family bonds is an unavoidable risk due to the spatial separation. Imaginably, the face-to-face opportunities of communicating with relatives and friends will be reduced if people live too far. Further, every individual should assume the responsibility of getting married and starting his career, it might be hard for people to obtain the sense of well-being and enjoy a kind of stable life provided that they change place of working too quickly.

  【尾段】 再次亮明观念

  In closing,my stand is that it is up to us to find the means to achieve that happiness each of us long for, however, young people should be inspired to explore the unknown. That is the best way for them to deepen their insight into what they are hoping to do with their lives. Finding jobs and experiencing life in diverse cities exert many positive impacts on many people, especially for those who dare to challenge themselves.





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