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  We can have an easy access to a huge amount of information on the internet. The internet is a vast ocean of knowledge in both natural sciences and social sciences. Search engine like google can lead us to the information we need in no time and considerably broaden our horizon.


  It can improve health condition and enhance our ability to respond quickly. Besides, as long as we keep doing it frequently, we can effectively lose weight and keep ourselves in good shape. In addition, it can better prepare us for any physical challenge in the future.


  He should tolerate relatively small mistakes committed by others. Making mistakes is somehow inevitable, as long as it’s unintentional, he is supposed to forgive it. The tolerance will breed gratitude from others.


  During the process of communication, my interpersonal skills will improve considerably. This can help me cooperate with others more effectively, and render me more opportunities to make new acquaintance. With more friends, I could live happily and more likely to succeed.


  The humorous style could also develop my sense of humor. This will make others more willing to listen to my stories and bring fun to my life and the lives of others. Consequently, it can improve my interpersonal skills and make me more popular.


  This will contribute to the increase of employment rate. I mean, it can provide the local people with a prodigious amount of jobs. As a result, it would in turn bring benefits to the social stability and economic development.


  Another point worth mentioning is that, it is environment friendly. With the help of this, we can better protect our planet and prevent our environment from deterioration. No one can deny that it is significant nowadays when we’re facing ecological crisis.


  This can definitely help me improve the understanding of the culture, custom, history and many interesting stuff about the country. The deeper insight into culture can not only broaden my horizon but also help me comprehend the living style and thinking mode of the local people.


  With the help of this, students can concentrate on study, and learn all kinds of useful knowledge more effectively and efficiently. Thus, it can put them in a better position in the future job market.


  More importantly, I can go home from time to time and visit my parents and grandparents. My mom will prepare me the food I like the most, my father will talk to me and help me figure out a way to solve the problem I encounter at work. My feeling can be best described by an old saying, “East, West, home is the best”.


  This can help me protect my privacy. Even though I am not secluded and literally gregarious instead, I still need my privacy. Cause being attended sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable, sometimes I just need some private time and deal with my personal stuff like calling my friends.


  They are nutritious which have a lot of body-building nutrition and vitamin we really need.


  I can have some tasty food. It serves the amazing dumpling of all kinds of flavors, pork flavor, chicken flavor and so on. One thing I like the most is the caraway there, it really help enrich the taste of dumplings. Anyway, it never fails to make my mouth water.


  Living in the city makes life easier.I can buy all stuff I need anytime and I have an easy access to theaters and cinemas where I can relax myself. Moreover, I can find the hospital nearby whenever I don’t feel well. To put all into a nutshell, it’s convenient.


  The most important point is that it’s much safer. The possibility of being stole or robbed is relatively small. With a safe environment, I can better concentrate on my own business without worrying about possible jeopardy.


  It is not heavy and big like the others, it’s portable so I can take it anywhere. On the bus, in the dining hall,

  you see, the convenience is undeniable.


  As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”, sufficient knowledge can carve out a way to success. With more knowledge, we would have a broader horizon and

  can figure out some possible solutions when we encounter a problem.

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