20101017CN考试标题,英文标题It is better to relax by watching a movie or reading a book than doing physical exercises.

  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to relax by watching a movie or reading a book than doing physical exercises.

  Sample answer (391 words)

  For many years, research has shown that doing exercises helps to alleviate a number of health complications, leading to a healthy body, soul and mind. However, some people use all excuses to justify reasons as to why they lead a sedentary life. This essay seeks to look at benefits of physical activities as opposed to reading a book or watching television.

  Doing exercises offers many benifits to one's physiological processes.As opposed to watching television or reading a book where energy expenditure is low,physical exercises aid in efficient blood flow and cardiovascular fitness.On the other contrary,lack of exercises often leads to a number of health problems such as high blood pressure,herat diseases and obesity.To be able to turly relax one must possess a healthy body,and this has to be achieved by healthier activities like jogging,fitness training,or mountain climbing,rather sitting in a chair all day long.

  Moreover, exercises help people utilize their leisure time more constructively. People gain motor skills and other relevant traits like strength, flexibility and coordination. On the other hand, some books and programs on television end up making the viewers imitate bad habits which they see from the actors or read in the books. Since these groups of people lack time to release their stress, the chances of them developing bad habits is very high compared to those who engage in sports, games and exercises.

  Finally, some forms of exercises encourage socialization and team building, which is a much greater way to relax than being alone. Examples of these exercises include many of the collective sports people often do such as soccer and basketball. In these sports, people meet and play as a team, share their happiness and excitement with each other and as a result achieve much higher levels of enjoyment and satisfaction. By contrast, watching TV or reading a book is often solitary experience, involving little interaction with others, which is boring.

  In a nutshell, doing exercises is much more beneficial than watching television or reading a book. Our bodies require regular exercises to make us remain active and healthy. A fit person is more productive in the workplace since he/she can effectively accomplish responsibilities, and can also be more relaxed after work because he/she is more actively involved with the nature or other people around him/her.





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