Some people like to keep records or experiences by exposing photos on social networking sites. Others do not like to create such records. Which way do you prefer? 有些人愿意在社交网站上记载自己的生活分享自己的阅历,发布照片等,有些人则不会这样做,你更倾向于哪种方式?


  Social networking has increasingly drawn modern dwellers’ attention, and it has become an indispensable part of everyday life, such as searching for information, communicating with friends or colleagues and even accomplishing certain business agendas. While some people are more used to uploading pictures or other private information online, others see this as a way that would bring risks to their life. From my perspective, the benefits of this sharing method outweigh its counterpart.

  Admittedly, there are some reasons to justify people who do not like uploading information online. By posting photos with geographic information on websites like Sina Weibo or Facebook, other people would soon be aware of your location, and this might put threat to your safety. Also, by keeping records like identification number online, it would make other people easy to fetch these private information, causing potential identify theft. However, as long as people are able to improve the awareness of confidentiality, the problem will be solved. Without sharing sensitive information, the online posts could add more fun to life by making comments under each status post, which bond friends together.

  For people who like to keep records online, the social network is easy to record everyday life. Thanks to the boosted development in mobile phone service, cellphones bear the potential to keep most logs about life. For example, when people are traveling to Los Angeles for Christmas, it is usually the case that they could take photos of the amazing scenes in Santa Monic Beach or even shoot a video clip about the wonderful tour in Universal Studio. With a single click operation, these photos or video clips would be uploaded into cloud where information is safely stored. Meanwhile, friends could also enjoy the same experiences by browsing your online records. In this way, keep records online serves as an medium to store and share personal experiences.

  What is more, keeping records online is also capable of spread useful information. In others, for teachers or company managers, it is always easy to upload some documents in online disk, where students or members of staffs could download the important materials. According to a survey conducted by Sina Weibo, after polling hundreds of teachers in the Beijing from different level of schools, a significant percentage of respondents claim that storing class notes, test samples and even specifics of the experiments in the disk related to their Facebook account, their students are able to download these materials whenever they are, which makes the scene that students rush to teachers to copy educational materials via USB disk disappear.

  To sum up, though there are people who love try to hide from keeping records online, I still give my supports to sharing information online. The reason for this is that it can people more convince and deliver more useful information to people.




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…Although we now tend to refer to the various crafts according to the materials used to construct them-clay, glass, wood, fiber, and metal-it was once common to think of crafts in terms of function, which led to their being kn