1. By the middle of the twentieth century, painters and sculptors in the United States had begun to exert a great worldwide influence over art.


  2. In the eastern part of New Jersey lies the city of Elizabeth, a major shipping and manufacturing center.


  3. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman medical doctor in the United States, founded the New York Infirmary, an institution that has always had a completely female medical staff.

  Elizabeth Blackwell,美国第一个女医生,创建了员工不时为女性纽约诊所。

  4. Alexander Graham Bell once told his family that he would rather be remembered as a teacher of the deaf than as the inventor of the telephone.

  Alexander Graham Bell曾通知家人,他更愿意让后人记住他是聋子的教员,而非电话的发明者。

  5. Because its leaves remain green long after being picked, rosemary became associated with the idea of remembrance.


  6. Although apparently rigid, bones exhibit a degree of elasticity that enables the skeleton to withstand considerable impact.


  7. That xenon could not form chemical compounds was once believed by scientists.


  8. Research into the dynamics of storms is directed toward improving the ability to predict these events and thus to minimize damage and avoid loss of life.


  9. The elimination of inflation would ensure that the amount of money used in repaying a loan would have the same values as the amount of money borrowed.


  10. Futurism, an early twentieth-century movement in art, rejected all traditions and attempted to glorify contemporary life by emphasizing the machine and motion.


  11. One of the wildest and most inaccessible parts of the United States is the Everglades where wildlife is abundant and largely protected.


  12. Lucretia Mott’s influence was so significant that she has been credited by some authorities as the originator of feminism in the United States.

  Lucretia Mott’s的影响庞大,所以一些权威部门认定她为美国女权运动的开创人。

  13. The activities of the international marketing researcher are frequently much broader than those of the domestic marketer.


  14. The continental divide refers to an imaginary line in the North American Rockies that divides the waters flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from those flowing into the Pacific.


  15. Studies of the gravity field of the Earth indicate that its crust and mantle yield when unusual weight is placed on them.


  16. The annual worth of Utah’s manufacturing is greater than that of its mining and farming combined.


  17. The wallflower is so called because its weak stems often grow on walls and along stony cliffs for support.


  18. It is the interaction between people, rather than the events that occur in their lives, that is the main focus of social psychology.


  19. No social crusade aroused Elizabeth Williams’ enthusiasm more than the expansion of educational facilities for immigrants to the United States.

  给美国的新移民增加教育设备比任何社会运动都更多的激起了Elizabeth Williams的热情。

  20. Quails typically have short rounded wings that enable them to spring into full flight instantly when disturbed in their hiding places.


  21. According to anthropologists, the earliest ancestors of humans that stood upright resembled chimpanzees facially, with sloping foreheads and protruding brows.


  22. Not until 1866 was the fully successful transatlantic cable finally laid.


  23. In his writing, John Crowe Ransom describes what he considers the spiritual barrenness of society brought about by science and technology.

  John Crowe Ransom在他的著作中描画了他以为是由科学技术给社会带来的肉体贫穷。

  24. Children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclined to possess high levels of self-confidence.


  25. The ancient Hopewell people of North America probably cultivated corn and other crops, but hunting and gathering were still of critical importance in their economy.








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