eight - number between 7 and 9, 八

  ate - past tense of eat, 吃的过去式

  bear - a big, hairy animal

  bear - to be able to withstand something

  bare - exposed

  bred - past tense of breed 繁衍的过去式

  bread - a type of food 面包

  be - is 主动词 be

  bee - an insect 蜜蜂

  caught - past tense of catch 抓的过去式

  ccot - a portable bed that folds for storage 笨重小床

  fan - a device for moving air 风扇

  fan - short for fanatic 狂热,喜好者

  groan - noise made in misery 嗟叹

  grown - fully mature 长大的

  hart- 雄鹿

  heart - energetic or enthusiastic 心脏

  herd - a group of animals 牧群

  heard - past tense of hear 听的过去式

  I - me, myself 我

  eye - body part we see with 眼睛

  made - past tense of make 做的过去式

  maid - a lady that cleans home or hotels for a living 女佣

  no - opposite of yes 不

  know - be aware of something 晓得

  roes - plural of roe = an argument 雌鹿的过去式

  rows - plural of row = a row (line, queue) of vegetables planted in a farmer's field, a row of seats in a theatre 行,排

  rows - present tense of row, as in rowing a boat (propelling a boat through the water with a paddle) 划船的往常式

  rose - a beautiful flower that grows on a thorny stem 玫瑰

  wring - twist 绞,扭

  ring - noise a bell makes 敲钟,打电话

  scent - smell 气息

  sent - past tense of send 邮寄的过去式

  see - to view something

  sea - large body of salt water

  threw - past tense of throw

  through - finished or completed, also, to give direction (Go through the tunnel)

  tail - cats and dogs have them 尾巴

  tale - a story 故事



  week - 7 days

  weak - not strong

  worn - well used 用旧的,疲倦的

  warn - to give notice of potential danger 正告

  wood - what we get from trees

  would - past tense of will

  wore - past tense of wear 穿的过去式

  war - what we call it when two countries' armies are fighting

  one - a single unit

  won - past tense of win


  Yule- 圣诞时节






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这篇文章的Summary标题共有7题(28-34题);标题要求是NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage。 In Europe, modern science emerged at the same time as the nation state. At first the scientific language of choice remained 28_____