1 许多人相信科技的最大弊端就是它可能会带来一些难以想象的消极影响。

  参考答案:1 Many people believe that the biggest disadvantage of technology is that it may give rise to some unimaginative negative influences.

  2 计算机遇使人们丧失想象和发明力这一事实使我相信其是祸而非福。

  参考答案:2 The fact that computers deprive people of their imagination and creativity makes me believe that they are a curse rather than a blessing.

  3 毫无疑问互联网的快速展开使得许多人相信它是万能良药但是状况并非总是如此。

  参考答案:3 It goes without saying that the eye-catching development of the Internet makes many people believe that it is cure-all solution. However, it is not always the case.

  4 无可承认博物馆能够扮演一个教育的作用,因为它给公众提供一个好的机遇去研究他们国度的历史和传统。

  参考答案:4 It cannot be denied that museums can play an educational role for the simple reason that they provide the public with a good opportunity to study their countries’ history and tradition.

  5 许多人没能够意识到这样一个重要的事实语言的多样性将会极大的推动文化的展开。也许这就是为什么许多语言往常正处于濒临灭绝的境地。

  参考答案:5 Many people fail to take into account the vital fact that the diversity of languages will enhance the cultural development and that is why so many languages are on a verge of extinction .

  6 没有任何的一样东西能像电视这样毁誉参半。

  参考答案:6 Nothing has received more praise and abuse than TV.

  7 毫无疑问,家庭成员之间的关系已经不像以前那么密切。

  参考答案:7 There is no doubt that the relationship between family members is not as close as it used to be.

  8 广告之所以盛行主要在于它们的信息容量很大。

  参考答案:8 The reason why advertisements are so prevailing is that they are informative .

  9 互连网是如此盛行因而没有人能够避免不遭到它的影响。

  参考答案:9 So prevailing is the Internet that nobody can avoid being influenced by it.

  10 不可思议,从事兼职工作能够培育学生的独立性和团队协作肉体。

  参考答案:10 It is conceivable that students taking part-time jobs can cultivate their independence and team-work spirit.

  11 当前的教育形式远不能让人称心。

  参考答案:11 The present educational patterns leave much to be desired.

  12 形成该现象的最主要原因在于过度工业化似乎已经成了一种无法避免的趋向。

  参考答案:12 The most obvious reason for this phenomenon is that over-industrialization seems to be an unavoidable trend.

  13 文化多元化对人类文明而言就如空气之关于地球。

  参考答案:13 The cultural diversity is to human civilization what air is to the earth.

  14 形成该现象的原因有许多。

  参考答案:14 There are probably many reasons contributing to this phenomenon.

  15 一谈到计算机,人们持有不同的见地。

  参考答案:15 When it comes to computers, people hold divergent views.

  16 思索到该问题的严重性,我们必需得想出一些切合实践的措施来处置它。

  参考答案:16 Given the seriousness of this risk, we have no alternative but to think up some practical solutions to resolve it.

  17 没有人能承认,我们已经进入了一个全球信息化的时期。

  参考答案:17 No one can deny the fact that we have entered a brand new era of global information.

  18 无疑,有关教育的话题总是能够引起我们的关注。

  参考答案:18 To be sure, the topic concerning education can always attract our eyes.

  19 在当代社会,环保总是能够引起我们的关注。

  参考答案:19 Never does the environmental preservation fail to fascinate us in modern society.

  20 众所周知,大学的主要作用是培育一个人的全面展开。

  参考答案:20 As we all know, the main function of a university is to cultivate one’s all-around development..

  21 能够毫不夸大地说学会如何协作在一个人的职业中是至关重要的因素。

  参考答案:21 It is no overstatement to say that learning to cooperate with others is the key factor in one’s career.

  22 手机就是一个绝佳的例子。

  参考答案:22 The mobile phone is a good case in point.

  23 众所周知,物种的多样性是地球最大的魅力。

  参考答案:23 As is widely-accepted, diversity of species is the greatest charm of the Earth.

  24 总之,国际旅游业的益处远远多过于它的弊端。因而,应该充沛倡导和支持国际旅游业的展开。

  参考答案:24 To conclude, the advantages of the international tourism far outweigh its disadvantages. Thus, it should be supported and advocated to the full.

  25 没有任何一种说法比这种观念愈加荒唐了。

  参考答案:25 Nothing is further from the truth than this opinion.

  26 这两种观念都有其可取之处。

  参考答案:26 There is an element of truth in both opinions.

  27 对该问题的另一层思索在于真正好的大学教育应该是理论与理论并重。

  参考答案:27 Another consideration in this case is that an excellent education should place equal focus on both theories and knowledge.

  28 频繁的商业交流的加速展开既带来了机遇也带来了应战。

  参考答案:28 The ever-accelerated updating of frequent commercial communications has brought about both chances and challenges.

  29 正是经过协作,人们在今天才能够享受一种更好的生活。

  参考答案:29 It is through cooperation that people can enjoy a better life today.

  30 教育在这样一个不时展开的社会对我们是不可或缺的。

  参考答案:30 Education is indispensable to us in this updating society.






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