一、安康问题(Good health)

  1、in order to possess a healthy body, not only need we keep a nutritious diet and adequate sleep, it is crucial for individuals to form the habit of exercising regularly.(如何做)
  2、on the individual level, his exercises improve his health and mood as well. 3、on the social level, the improvement in quality of life contributes vastly to a harmonious society. (意义)


  1、on the micro level, consumers are vastly hurt by these products, which might even be life-threatening.
  2、on the macro level, if low-quality products continue to spread, they will damage the normal function of healthy market economy.


  Their emergence dues to the negative effect of a growing market economy. False advertisement seems to be most convenient to attract clients and increase profit.

  四、私家车(Private cars)

  1、the majority of people indulge in the convenience brought by cars while 2、forgetting their harmful impact on the atmosphere.
  3、to improve and beautify the environment / human exploitation of natural resources has caused destruction that is for beyond our imagination.


  1、in my opinions, there needs to be a comprehensive renovation in the educational system in which new educational concepts are introduced.
  2、only by new teaching methods can we cultivate children into talents and elites who will meet the requirements of our society.



  1、enable honest person to succeed in work and life. (取得胜利)
  2、to work honestly to attain one’s life goal. (完成人生目的)
  3、to enhance reputation of a country.


  1、No accomplishment can be achieved in a short time, and success needs efforts.
  2、Success is founded on the basis of patient pursuit +定语从句


  1、it can be a tremendous momentum pushing the country’s development
  2、When equipped with willingness, spurring people to overcome any difficulty and conquer any challenge.



  1、Contributing money and other necessities to people in need is a goal way to express human love. It reflects the sense of social responsibility.
  2、It also expresses a feeling from deep with one’s heart.
  3、A harmonious society is based on a sound relationship,



  1、cultural exchanges can enhance international friendship.
  2、people can acquire better understanding of each other.
  3、can also greatly benefit the countries and stimulate their own social development and culture prosperity.


  2、the awareness of struggling for one’s life is essential to the young man
  3、parents indulge children in consumption with an objective outlook on money


  Traffic accidents have long been a problem and are becoming a severe problem


  1、many drivers are forced to drive days and nights
  2、a lot of people drive after drinking alcohol


  1、a balanced economic development is not accompanied by sacrifice of history.
  2、historical sites are the treasure of our country’s glorious past. We must figure out a win-win method to promote sustainable development while retaining our cultural heritage.


  1、 to develop good health
  2、 to keep regular exercise
  3、 to make more contributions to the society
  4、 to make do with bad diet
  5、 to neglect sports and exercise



  1、the sanitation problem of family workshops
  2、the promise of one’s own responsibility is like a method of cheating, and is quit against professional morals(职业道德)?
  3、low-quality products?
  4、the ignorance of sanitation?
  5、short of occupational disciplines?
  6、the false commercial advertising and promotion


  该类别主要包括:高薪、 加班、技艺、学历、自立自强、创业。

  1、to display talent and capability;
  2、to be of real service to fellowmen and the country;
  3、to feel guilty in front of parents and family supporters;
  4、to encounter discrimination on the basis of sex or height or even birthplace;
  5、to despise jobs of lower social status and less income;
  6、to avoid the possibility of working in the rural areas
  7、to find (search\hunt) the right career;



  1、the exhaustion of resources;
  2、pollutions from industrial production transform many clean rivers into undrinkable water.
  3、the convenience brought by cars, their harmful impact on the atmosphere.
  4、garbage output, such as plastics and glass.
  5、deforestation Global warming, current greenhouse effect remains out of control
  6、human exploitation of natural resources


  该类别主要包括:教育、上网成瘾、上网交友、青少年立功、 个人隐私、出国留学、 知识学术狡诈、 望子成龙, 拔苗助长、 应试教育素质教育 、考试作弊 、相互攀比、 名牌、 糜费、 课业担负、 恋爱 、兼职 、占座、 8090后 、富二代、 校园旅游 、教育对等 、独生子女、 农民工子女、 创新 、迷信、 溺爱(spoiled)。

  1、To concentrate limited resources on creative talents, or elite;
  2、Enable students to possess better job skill;
  3、prepare students for future employment;
  4、to enhance the quality of population;
  5、to promote scientific and technological level;
  6、 to prepare one for a better and more meaningful life rather than a job;
  7、one-child policy
  8、migrant workers(农民工);
  9、impartial education opportunities
  10、overwhelming homework;
  11、quality education(素质教育)
  12、a comprehensive renovation


  该类别主要包括:创新、 勇气、 斗争、 节俭 、高瞻远瞩、 贡献、 糜费、 社会公德 、幸福观 、英勇 、得与失、 正直诚实、 锲而不舍 、拼搏的奥运肉体 、读书。

  1、To be fair and upright; honest person;
  2、economical and simple life; to learn to be frugal;
  3、success derives from persistence; Olympic motto, read more books

  十九、情感友谊、团队协作、让座 邻里、献爱心

  1、show love; provide assistance to others; teamwork and cooperation; selflessly offering help
  2、contributing money and other necessities to people who are in great need
  Eager to donate money to charity



  1、a balanced economic development is not necessarily accompanied by the sacrifice of history.
  2、participating in the annual celebration of the Chinese spring festival
  3、practicing Chinese calligraphy (书法)
  4、cultural exchanges; acquire better understanding of each other;the traditional Chinese culture.
  5、pass down culture habit and treasure; absorb and assimilate traditional culture; reserve and spread brilliant diverse culture; be under the threat of extinction; be in great danger

  二十一、人口增长、 人口质量、 小学生瘦削、 养老与老龄化、 性别比例

  1、population aging; outdated and abandoned; to improve the living condition of the aging population ; to respect and appreciate the aged; to provide safety and happiness
  2、the number of males outweighs that of females;the population growth is almost out of control, the humans to live is increasingly circumscribed.



  Young people are used to relying financially on their families



  1、traffic jams(堵车);the successful launch of the shenzhou-6 spaceship, our national strength and scientific competency.
  2、traffic accidents; drive days and night with little rest; drive after drinking alcohol
  3、to keep domestic animals; to make family life more colorful and rich; to develop sense of responsibility and caring;
  4、to make people feel closer to the natural world; to spread disease and pollute living environment; to waste time and money; to scare and hurt people, kid and the aged alike



  1、get rich by legal means; be entitled to wealth and prosperity; stimulate people into hard working; reduce the gap;
  2、help the poor with better opportunities; make big money illegally; make this society insecure

  网络益处:1、share individual viewpoints and insights; enable better and more efficient interpersonal communication;
  2、enjoy equal right t personal opinion; 网络坏处:1、reveal and spread rumors; occupy and waste net space; follow trend and fashion; ( help distinguish between right and wrong;
  3、offer proper guidance; check and restrict unhealthy content; create a clean and safe environment; mislead children by indecent content; indulge n violent act and aggressive behavior)





久仰! I've heard so much about you. 良久不见了! Long time no see. 辛苦了! You've had a long day.You've had a long flight. 尊敬的朋友们! Distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends 阁下(多用于称谓大使) Your E

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