Bob: In a book I was reading, some men had to 1 a desert. There was nothing 2 sand they could see. It was so large 3 it seemed to them that it had almost no 4 .

  Tom: It 5 be very hot.

  Bob: That’s right. 6 hot in a desert. But they rested 7 the day and traveled at night. .

  Tom: But there’re no trees or anything like that 8 you to get cool.

  Bob: 9 . But they had some tents (帐篷). They 10 when they were going to rest.

  Tom: That was a lot of trouble, 11 ?

  Bob: Yes. Every night 12 they 13 on the next part of the trip, they had to take the tents 14 . Then they had to put them on their camels. That’s the 15 way you can travel in a desert.

  1. A. go B. walk C. cross D. reach

  2. A. for B. and C. else D. but

  3. A. because B. that C. as D. enough

  4. A. end B. water C. people D. animals

  5. A. perhaps B. maybe C. sometimes D. must

  6. A. It always is B. It’s always C. It never is D. It’s never

  7. A. on B. at C. during D. until

  8. A. for B. to C. will D. have

  9. A. Yes B. No C. All right D. Very good

  10. A. put up them B. put them up C. made them D built them

  11. A. indeed B. too C. wasn’t it D. wasn’t that

  12. A. when B. after C. before D. when

  13. A. took B. got C. kept D. set out

  14. A. away B. down C. up D. on

  15. A. good B. first C. only D. strange


  本文是一个对话,关于沙漠中人们如何游览、如何休息,其中有大量的初中部分很重要的一些词组,如:so… that , must be , put sth. up。





There was once a man called Mr. Flowers, and flowers were his only joy in life. He spent all his free time in one of his four glass-houses and grew flowers of every color, with long and difficult names, for competitions (竞赛). He tried

小鱼儿是这样记单词的 网友大呼心都化了

9月21日,胡可在微博上晒出一段小鱼儿模仿小动物以稳固英语单词的短视频,并配文:“鱼式模仿。” 视频中,小鱼儿先大声念出单词“elephant(大象)”,再一手捂鼻,一手向前伸




Let's start with the first generally well-known circle beyond the nuclear family of parents and siblings: parents of your parents are your grandparents; children of your siblings are nieces and nephews; siblings of your parents are aunts


简谈浅探如何提高高中英语写作 导读:浅探如何提高高中英语写作会有助于读写。②背诵课文片段。语言能力的提高是在掌握一定语言基础知识的基础上进行的。因此,教师在教学中