1 Ford’s great strength was the manufacturing process--not invention.Long before he started a car company,he was a worker, known for picking up pieces of metal and wire and turning them into machines.He started putting cars together in 1 89 1, although it was by no means the first popular automobile,the Model T showed the world just how creative Ford was at combining technology and market.

  2 The company’s assembly line alone threw America’s Industrial Revolution into overdrive (高速运转).Instead of having workers put together the entire car, Ford’s friends,who were great toolmakers from Scotland,organized teams that added parts to each Model T as it moved down a line.By the time Ford’s Highland Park plant was humming(嗡嗡作响)along in 1914,the world’s first automatic conveyor belt could turn out a car every 93 minutes.

  3 The same year Henry Ford shocked the world with t11e$5-a.day minimum Wage scheme. the greatest contribution he had ever made.The average Wage in the auto industry then was$2.34 for a 9-hour shift.Ford not only doubled that.he also took an hour off the workday.In those years it was unthinkable that a man could be paid that much for doing something that didn’t involve an awful lot of training or education.The Wall Street Journal called the plan“an economic crime’.and critics everywhere laughed at F0rd.

  4 But as the wage increased later to daily$10,it proved a critical component of Ford’s dream to make the automobile accessible(可及的)to a11 The critics were too stupid to understand that because Ford had lowered his costs per car,the higher wages didn’t matter--except for making it possible for more people to buy cars.

  23 paragraph 1

  24 paragraph 2

  25 paragraph 3

  26 paragraph 4

  A Ford’s Followers

  B The Assembly Line

  C Ford’s Great Dream

  D The Establishment of the Company

  E Ford’s Biggest Contribution

  F Ford’s Great Talent

  27 The assembly line made it possible to

  28 Ford was the first to adopt

  29 Higher wages enabled many people to

  30 Ford’s higher-wage and lower-cost strategy was strongly

  A criticized by the media

  B the low wage in the auto industry

  C own a car

  D Produce cars in large numbers

  E the 8-hour-shift practice

  F combined technology and market




  A Ford’s Followers 福特的追随者

  B The Assembly Line装配线

  C Ford’s Great Dream福特的伟大幻想

  D The Establishment of the Company公司的成立

  E Ford’s Biggest Contribution福特的最大的贡献

  F Ford’s Great Talent福特的伟大天赋


  1 Ford’s great strength(力气) was the manufacturing(消费、加工) process(过程)--not invention(发明).Long before he started(开端) a car company,he was a worker, known for(因。。。而著名,同义词:be famous for) picking up(组装) pieces of metal(金属) and wire(电线) and turning(转变) them into machines(机器).He started putting cars together(组装) in 1891, although(固然) it was by no means (决不是)the first popular(受人欢送的) automobile(美式英语,汽车,相当于car.),the Model(模型) T showed(展示、显示) the world just how creative(有发明性的) Ford was at combining(分离) technology(技术) and market(市场).



  2 The company’s assembly line(组装线) alone(仅仅,相当于only) threw(使) America’s Industrial Revolution(工业反动) into overdrive (高速运转).Instead of (替代、而不是)having workers put together the entire car(让工人们组装整个汽车), Ford’s friends,who(定语从句) were great toolmakers(工具制造者) from Scotland,organized(组织) teams that(定语从句) added(加) parts(部件) to each Model T as(当) it moved down a line(从装配线上下来).By the time(到。。。时分为止) Ford’s Highland Park plant(工厂) was humming(嗡嗡作响)along in 1914,the world’s first automatic(自动化的) conveyor belt (传送带)could turn out (制造、消费,同义词produce)a car every 93 minutes.

  剖析:开头说 到:公司的装配线单独把美国的工业反动投入到高速运转之中。这是个主题句,讲的是“装配线”。后面内容是详细阐明该句 的,因而答案为B。





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