Where Did All the Ships Go?

  The Bermuda Triangle is one__1__the greatest mysteries of the sea.In this triangular area between Florida,Puerto Rico and Bermuda in Atlantic,ships and airplanes __2__to disappear more often than in__3__parts of the ocean。And they do so__4__ leaving any sign of all accident or any dead bodies.

  It is__5__that Christopher Columbus was the first person to record strange happenings in the area.His compass stopped working,a flame came down from the sky,and a wave 100 to 200feet high carried his ship about a mile away.

  The most famous disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was the US Naval Air Flight 19.__6__December 5,1945,five bomber planes carrying 14 men.__7__ on a training mission from the Florida coast.Later that day, all communications with Flight 1 9 were lost.They just disappeared without a trace.The next morning,242 planes and 19 ships took part in the largest air-sea search in history. But they found nothing. Some people blame the disappearances__8__supernatural forces.It is suggested the __9__ships and planes were either transported to other times and places,kidnapped by aliens__10__ attacked by sea creatures.

  There are__11__natural explanations,though.The US Navy says that the Bermuda triangle is one of two places on earth __12__a magnetic compass points towards true north__13__magnetic north.__14__planes and ships can lose their way if they don’t make adjustments.

  The area also has changing weather and is known__15__its high waves.Storms Can turn up suddenly and destroy a plane or ship.Fast currents could then sweep away any trace of an accident.

  Bermuda Triangle 百慕大三角区

  Florida 佛罗里达,美国的一个州

  Pueto Rico 波多利加]

  Compass n.罗盘,指南针

  Supernatural adj.超自然的

  Kidnap v.绑架

  Alien n.外星人

  Magnetic adj.有磁性的

  Trace n.痕迹


  1.A)from B) Of C)about D) on

  2.A)often B)look C)sometimes D) seem

  3.A)rest B) another C) other D)others

  4.A)without B)by C)from D)upon

  5.A)saying B)being said c)said D)says

  6. A) On B)In C) from D) since

  7.A)took up B) took as C) took after D) took off

  8. A)for B) about C) on D) from

  9.A)missing B) missed C) miss D) having missed

  10.A) and B) or C) nor D) neither

  11.A)also B) no C) more D) beside

  12.A) which B) there C) where D) that

  13.A)instead of B) except C) than D) nor

  14.A)Similarly B) furthermore C) However D) Therefore

  15.A) as B) for C)by D) from

  答案 及解析:

  l 完型填空解题思绪:

  1. 借助被选项的特性减少答案范围,确认答案判别方向;

  2. 借助空格两端的搭配结构特性判别答案;

  3. 借助空格所在句子中用词特性猜测答案;

  4. 借助空格所在句子句意判别答案;

  5. 围绕文章中心(标题反响内容)猜测答案;

  6. 借助上下文用词/语意判别答案;

  1. B. 剖析:借助搭配 “最..一个”判别B是答案。考点:‘ Of 表达“部分”和“整体/特征群”的关系’的用法。

  2. D。 剖析:借助搭配―不定式符号to,判别D适合。考点:seem to do sth./看起来..

  3。C. 剖析:借助搭配结构含义―“比海洋的..部分更经常..”,判别C适合。考点:调查代词的运用。

  4. A。剖析:依据句意判别A(没有)正确。考点:调查省略结构(they do so = they(ships and airplanes) disappear)

  5 C. 调查结构:it is said/reported/predicted/…

  6. A. 剖析:借助搭配―详细的时间前面介词需要用on,判别A是答案。考点:调查常见介词的习习用法。

  7. D. 剖析:借助句子中的相关词语(bomber planes)含义直接判别答案。

  8. C.剖析:借助搭配结构 (blame the disappearance.. supernatural force)判别C是答案。考点:调查常见动词短语。blame ..(on, upon).. 把...归咎于.. ;e.g. Don't blame it on him, but on me.别怪他, 该怪我。Blame..for..责备..形成了..e.g. They blamed the secretary for the delay of the plan.他们见怪秘书形成计划延误。

  9 A. 剖析:依据空格语法结构特性―作定语和搭配结构词语(..ships and planes),判别A(失踪的)是答案。考点:调查由同一词根构成的不同分词结构。

  10. B. 剖析:依据句子中的结构相关词语(either)判别B(or)是答案。考点;调查表示逻辑关系的固定搭配结构。neither. nor../ 既不...也不...;one. another..一个...另一个...;some. others..一些...其他...;not only. but also..不但...而且...

  11. A. 剖析:依据句子逻辑语意(固然也有一些从自然环境的角度上中止的坚固)判别A是答案。(though是答案线索)考点:调查句子逻辑关系。


  13.A. 剖析:依据搭配特性―空格前后是两个同类结构,因而判别A((不是)…(而是))是答案。考点;调查常见介词短语结构。

  14. D. 剖析:借助前句句意(指南针指向的是真正的北方而不是磁场中的北方)判别D(因而)是答案。考点;调查前后句的逻辑关系。

  15.B.剖析:依据搭配结构语意判别(这个地域…大浪被出名)B是答案。know. as..把..看作..;know. for..因为..而了解..




century n. 世纪,百年(the turn of centuries/世纪之交); certain adj. 肯定的,必然的(be certain of/确信,深信;be certain to do必然做。。;一定做。。);(certain ? sure肯定的)(certain ? bo


1.The curious look from the strangers around her made he feel uneasy A. difficult (干扰项) B. worried C anxious D. unhappy 1.C/B。 剖析:uneasy ?un + easy(容易的, 闲适的, 温馨的) 。借助划线词的所在的相关结构―


(1) 词汇伎俩$lesson$ The last thing that a lazy student wishes is examination. 懒学生最不愿意的事情就是考试。 At that very moment the policemen came. 就在那时警察到了。 Where in the world did you go just now ? 你


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