A.The bond between parents and children. B.Causes of teenagers’ problems.

  C.Teenagers’ problems and solutions. D.Always letting the children decide.


  We all have our wish lists, whether it is for the holiday season, a birthday or a get-together.The fact is we are all human and we all desire nice things and fun things.One thing that should not be missed is putting Cuponk on your wish list so that you can have years of fun and entertainment.

  For adults, they can start playing with their kids, spending quality time together, something necessary for close family ties, Adults can also enjoy Cuponk with their own friends, turning a dinner party into something memorable.The game is made for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

  It comes with a special cup with a backboard funnel(漏斗), special balls and trick cards.There are different styles of cups to choose from, just to make it even more personal an experience.The players must pick a trick card when it is their turn and then perform the trick successfully.The trick always involves getting the ball into the cup, which will light up and make some crazy sounds afterward.

  The rules allow for everything in the home to be allowable.That means that you can bank the ball off the wall, use the stairs, the ceiling, or what you have, It is all legal.What makes it even more special than most others is the fact that all ages can play at once.So, a family with different age groups can enjoy a few games together, without and real concern for damages, as the balls are quite light.It’s kind of like beer pong rules, but without the beer.

  In a time with economic instability, where consumers have felt the squeeze and have chosen to stay at home to save a few dollars, it is a great way to do that without being bored.Playing games with friends or family members is a good way to laugh and pass the time pleasantly, rather than just sitting in front of a television or a computer wasting precious time.

  71.Cuponk can be put on the wish list because .

  A.it is for the holiday season B.it can help us pass time

  C.it is better than a dinner party D.it brings us pleasure

  72.The underlined pronoun“it” in the third paragraph refers to .

  A.the cup B.the game C.the rule D.the ball

  73.According to the text, the following can be used in the game except .

  A.the wall B.trick cards C.the stairs D.the beer

  74.The author recommends that .

  A.Consumers stay at home to live through economic problems

  B.People not spend time in front of a television or a computer

  C.People should be careful on account of the heavy balls

  D.People play Cuponk with their family members of friends

  75.According to the text, Cuponk .

  A.is a special ball B.is intended for children

  C.is usually played D.has specific rules







  [1]It has been argued by some that gifted children should be grouped in special classes.The argument has been on the belief that in regular classes these children are held back in their intellectual growth by learning situation that has designed for the average children.

  [2]There can be little doubt that special classes can help the gifted children to graduate earlier and take their place in life sooner.However, to take these children out of the regular classes, may create serious problems.

  [3]I observed a number of intelligent children who were taken out of a special class and placed in a regular class.In the regular class, on the special class, they , relying heavily on their teachers’ directions, In the regular class, on the contrary, having no worry about keeping up, they began to comment directly and freely on many problems, some of which were creative and imaginative.

  [4]Many are concerned that gifted children in regular classes become bored and lose interest in learning.However this concern is more often from parents and teachers than from students, and some of these adults simply conclude that special classes should be set up for those who are talented.Some top students do feel bored in class, but why they feel so goes far beyond the work they have in school.Studies have shown that to be bored is to be anxious.The gifted child who is bored is an anxious child.

  76.What is the author’s opinion of gifted children being grouped in special classes?(no more than 10 words)


  77.According to some studies mentioned in the text.why do gifted children in a regular class become bored?(no more than5 words)


  78.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 3 with proper words.(no more than 8 words)


  79.What does the author intend to tell us in Paragraph 3?(no more than 10 words)


  80.What is the best title for this passage?(no more than 10 words)





初二英语复习资料:Around town同步习题精选

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第三十四篇: Declining Interest in Developing Foreign Language Skills(B级) 综合 Australias foreign language skills are declining, voice of America has reported. New figures show that only 13 percent of high school graduates can s


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1. Scientists have been studying natural sources of methane(甲烷,沼气) for decades but hadn’t regarded plants as a producer, notes Frank Keppler, a geochemist(地球化学家) at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in




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