Class_________ Name___________ NO.____________

  第一部分 听力了解


  __________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ____________


  ( )1. A. Because she has a sore back.. B. Because she has a cold. C. Because she has a stomachache. ( )2. A. No, he isn’t. B. Yes, he is. C. No, he doesn’t. ( )3. A. No, she didn’t. B. Yes, she did. C. We don’t know. ( )4. A. Drink a lot of water. B Eat junk food. C See a dentist.

  ( )5. A. She feels well. B. She is beautiful. C. She has a fever.

  Ⅲ、听短文,判别正确(T)与错误(F). (10%)

  ( )1. When you have a cold, you can go to see Nancy’s mother.

  ( )2. Nancy brushes her teeth twice a day.

  ( )3. Nancy goes to bed without brushing her teeth.

  ( )4. Nancy has a toothache once

  ( )5. Nancy is popular in her class.

  第二部分 笔试部分(80%)


  Let’s learn our body. Think with your_____.Write with your _____.Look with your _____. Listen with your _____. Smell (闻) with your _____. Eat and speak with your _____. Turn your head with your _____. Put your backpack on your _____.Walk with your _____.Brush your _____ every morning and evening. Don’t forget arms or stomach.


  ( )1. My uncle isn’t _____ at the moment.

  A.feel well B. feeling well. C. feeling good D. feel good

  ( )2. What’s the matter _____ you?

  A.with B. on C. in D. to

  ( )3. How is the young man? _____

  A. He is twenty. B. He is a doctor. C. He’s very well. D. He’s English.

  ( )4. We shouldn’t eat _____ junk food.

  A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too

  ( )5. Everyone _____ sometimes.

  A. get tired B. are tired C. gets tired D. gets tiring

  ( )6. My mother is ill._____

  A. OK. B. Too bad. C. Thank you D I’m sorry to hear it.

  ( )7. It’s important _____ in good health.

  A. keep B. keeping C. to keep D. keeps

  ( )8. If you are thirsty, you should _____ a lot of food B. drink a lot of water

  C. lie down and rest D. exercise

  ( )9. You shouldn’t eat _____ 24 hours.

  A. something in B. nothing for C. anything for D. everything at

  ( )10. We should eat more vegtables to _____ health.

  A. give B. need C. stay D. bring

  ( )11. Could you give me _____?

  A. an advice B. advices C.some advice D. some advice

  ( )12. We have _____ homework to do.

  A. many B. a lot of C. a lot D. a lots of

  ( )13. You look tired, you should have a good rest for _____ days

  A. a few B. few C. little D. a little

  ( )14. He often plays sports, ______ , running, swimmingand ping-pong.

  A. for an example B. for examples C. for example D. for the example

  ( )15. He worked late ______ eleven o’clock yesterday.

  A. after B. until C. since D. in


  A. Do you sleep well? B. Do you do exercise? C. Do you often have breakfast?

  D. What’s the matter, madam? E. You are not ill. F. When did you start?

  A: ________________________

  B: I feel weak. I can hardly do any work, doctor.

  A: _________________________

  B: A month ago.

  A: Do you have a headache?

  B: No, I don’t.

  A: _________________________

  B: Yes, I sleep very well.

  A: _________________________

  B: No, I don’t. And I have little food for lunch because I want to keep thin.

  A: Oh, I see.______________You don’t need to take medicine.You need to eat more food and do some exercise every day. Then you can be better soon.


  ( )1. headache. . A. drink hot tea with honey.

  ( )2. stomachache. B. see a dentist.

  ( )3. toothache. C. listen to music.

  ( )4. fever. D. don’t eat too much, try to eat it once a week.

  ( )5. sore throat. E. go to bed early.

  ( )6. hungry. F. don’t eat anything for 24 hours.

  ( )7. thirsty. G. lie down and rest.

  ( )8. stressed out. H. drink some orange juice.

  ( )9. tired. I. eat some food.

  ( )10. junk food. J. drink lots of water.


  1. Christmas Day is a very important festival in the ______(西方) countries.

  2. Don’t be ______(生气) , he is a child only.

  3. They are talking about his ______(病).

  4. He______(相信)he will be better soon.

  5. Eating a ______(均衡) diet is good for health.





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