Breastfeeding Can Cut Cardiovascular Risk

Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke later in life and could prevent hundreds of __1__ of deaths each year,researchers said on Friday.

Babies who are breastfed have fewer childhood infections and allergies and are less __2__ to obesity.British scientists have now shown that breastfeeding and slow growth in the first weeks and months of life has a protective effect __3 __   cardiovascular disease.

“Diets that promote more rapid growth put babies at risk many years later in __4__ of raising their blood pressure,raising their cholesterol and increasing their tendency to diabetes and obesity―the __ 5 __ main risk factors for stroke and heart attack.”said Professor Alan Lucas of the Institute of Child Health in London.

“Our evidence suggests that the reason why breast-fed babies do better is because they grow more __6 __ in the early weeks.”

Lucas said the effects of breastfeeding on blood pressure and cholesterol later in life are greater than  __7 __adults can do to control the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, other than taking drugs.  

An estimated 17 million people die of __8__ disease,particularly heart attack and strokes,each year,according to the World Health Organization.

Lucas and his colleagues compared the health of 2 1 6 teenagers __9__as babies had either been breastfed or given different nutritional baby formulas’.They reported their__10__ in The Lancet medical journal.

The teenagers who had been __11__had a 14一percent lower ratio of bad to good cholesterol and lower concentrations of a protein that is a marker for cardiovascular disease risk.

The researchers also found that,__12 __ of the child’s weight at birth,the faster the infants grew in the early weeks and months of life,the __13__ was their later risk of heart disease and stroke.The effect was the __14__  for both boys and girls.

“The more human milk you have in the newborn period,the lower your cholesterol level is, the lower your blood pressure is 1 6 years __15__,”Lucas said.


breastfeeding n.母乳喂养
cardiovascular adi.(病等)心血管的
allergy n.变态反响;过敏性
cholesterol n.胆固醇
diabetes  n.糖尿病
obesity n.瘦削
marker n.标识,标志


1.  nutritional baby formulas-有营养的配制婴儿喂养奶


1.  A)hundreds B) thousands  C) millions D) numbers
2.  A)likely  B) possible C) easy         D) prone
3.  A)against B) towards  C) onto  D) upon
4.  A)forms  B) cases C) terms D) places
5.  A)two  B) four  C) three D) five
6.  A)slowly  B) quickly C) strongly D) obviously
7.  A)which  B) that  C) something D) anything
8.  A)various  B) heart C) cardiovascular D) multiple
9.  A)who  B) such  C) when  D) taken
10. A)thoughts B) findings  C) viewpoints D) breakthrough
11. A)surveyed  B) interviewed C) handled D) breastfed
12. A)despite  B) warning C) regardless D) needful
13.  A) smaller B) greater  C) faster D) worse
14.  A) true  B) right C) proper D) sam
15.  A) later  B) after C) late  D) ago









Breastfeeding(母乳喂养)Can Cut(减少, 切,剪, 删减) Cardiovascular (心血管病的)Risk(风险)


breastfeed, cut, cardiovascular risk
2. 直接解题:

1.  A)hundreds(数百) B) thousands(数千) 
C) millions(数百万) D) numbers(数字,数量, 号码)
Breastfeeding(母乳喂养) can reduce(减少) the risk of a heart attack (心脏病发作)or stroke(中风) later(以后, 后来) in life and could prevent(避免) hundreds of __1__ of deaths each year(每年),researchers(研究者) said(说) on Friday(周五).

1. B剖析:“hundreds of thousands of”是固定搭配,表示“成千上万”之意。






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81. Parents are firmly convinced that, to send their child to kindergartens or nursery schools will have an unfavorable influence on the growth of children. 父母们坚决地相信把孩子送到幼儿园对他们的生长不利。转自




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