1.The curious look from the strangers around her made he feel uneasy

A. difficult (干扰项)      B. worried
C  anxious                 D. unhappy

1.C/B。 剖析:uneasy ?un + easy(容易的, 闲适的, 温馨的) 。借助划线词的所在的相关结构―“他感到。。”判别A不是答案; easy没有“快乐的”的含义,因而扫除D。最后借助句意判别C(担忧的)是答案。而其实worried(懊恼的, 为难的, 焦虑的)也是答案。
2.It is said that the house along the street will soon be demolished.

A. pulled down      B. rebuilt
C. renovated        D. whitewashed

2.A. 剖析:A和B在含义上相反,所以重点注意。借助句意(沿着街道的房子将很快就被。。)判别A(拆毁)适合。
Renovate vt.改造, 刷新, 修复
Whitewash n.石灰水, 白色涂料vt.用石灰水把...刷白
3.The advertising company was surprised by the adverse public reaction to the poster.

A. delayed            B. quick
C. positive           D. unfavorable

3. D. 剖析:C(积极的,赞同的)和D(反对的,不赞同的)在含义上相反,所以重点注意。借助划线词的搭配结构“。。的公众反响”和句子中呈现的词surprised判(反对的,不赞同的)是答案。
4.The staff of the company are always courteous and helpful.

A. efficient        B. respectable (A)
C. well-informed    D. respectful

4. D。 剖析:B和D在拼写形式上相似,所以重点注意。借助与划线词搭配的结构“并且乐于协助人的”判别D(尊重人的, 有礼貌的)是答案。
Respectable adj.可敬的, 有名望的, 高尚的, 值得尊敬的
well-informed adj.消息闭塞的, 熟习的,见闻广博的
5.The whole idea to build a deluxe (奢华的)hotel here sounds insane to me.

A. reasonable       B. sensible
C. crazy            D. unbelievable

5. C。剖析:A(合理的)和B(明智的)是近义词,而且词义很接近,因而彼此扫除掉。而C的含义与它们相反,所以判别C(发疯的)很可能是答案。而且C放在句子中含义很通畅。
Unbelievable adj.难以置信的
6.In his two-hour-long lecture he made an exhaustive analysis of the issue.
A. extremely thorough       B. long and strong
C. crazy                    D. unconvincing

6. A。剖析:借助与划线词搭配的结构“对问题中止的。。的剖析”判别A(极端透彻的)
unconvincing adj.缺乏以令人相信的
7.Not all members states abide by the principle they had agreed on previously.

A. adhered to              B. abandoned
C. applied                 D. adopted

7.A. 剖析:借助与划线词搭配的结构―“..原则”判别A(遵守)正确。

Abandon vt.放弃, 遗弃
Apply vt.申请, 应用vi.申请, 适用
Adopt vt.采用, 收养
8.Examination papers of the class were marked without bias.

A. immediately              B. correctly
C. fairly                    D. carefully

8. C。剖析:bias n.成见, 偏爱vt.使存成见, 因而without bias是“没有成见”,所以C(公正的)。
9.The construction of the railway is said to have been terminated

A.     resumed              B. put an end to
C. suspended                D. re-scheduled

9. B。剖析:A(重新开端)和B(完毕)在含义上相反,所以重点注意。Terminate v.中止, 完毕, 终止,所以B是答案。
Suspend vt.吊, 悬挂v.延缓
re-scheduled: 重新计划

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1.The curious look from the strangers around her made he feel uneasy A. difficult (干扰项) B. worried C anxious D. unhappy 1.C/B。 剖析:uneasy ?un + easy(容易的, 闲适的, 温馨的) 。借助划线词的所在的相关结构―


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