on the march在行军中,on the mend 在好转中,on the prowl徘徊,on the move活动中,on the scrounge巧取豪夺(埋语),on the go活跃,忙碌,on the lookout注意, 警戒,on the watch监视着。on the hop趁不备抓住某人等等。

  on the People‘s Democratic Dictatorship《实践论》和《矛盾论》

  on the People‘s Democratic Dictatorship《论人民民主专政》

  “on Coalition Government” 《论联合政府》



  例:The house next to mine was on fire. 我邻居的房子着火了。

  The workers of the railway station were on strike. 铁路工人罢工了。

  Grapes and big water melons from Sinkiang are on sale on a large sale. 新疆葡萄和西瓜大量上市了。

  do something on the sly (quiet)。秘密地(暗地里,偷偷地)做某事。

  I‘ve come here on business. 我是有公事来的。

  They went to Bern on a mission. 他们到伯尔尼去执行一项使命。

  They has been away on a long trip. 他们出去做一次长途旅行。

  I‘ll go home on leave next month. 下月我将休假回家。

  I went on business to Shanghai. I did not take leave. 我是公出去上海的,不是不告面别。

  She came to see you on purpose.她是专程来看你的。

  He came here on purpose to discuss it with you. 他到这来是要与你讨论这件事的。

  This lunch is on me.

  “No. let‘s go Dutch.”



  On the contrary, it was very easy to understand. 相反,这事儿很容易理解。

  P1ease come on time. (on schedule)。请准时来。

  注:in time是“及时”的意思。

  The train arrived on schedule. 火车准时到达。


  例:Gases expand on heating and contract on cooling. 气体加热时膨胀,冷却时收缩。(特定时间)

  On entering the room, he found his friends dancing in high spirits. 一进屋,他就发现他的朋友们在愉快地跳舞。

  On reaching the city he called up Lao Yang. 一到城里他就给老杨打了一个电话。

  I‘ll write to him on hearing from you. 我接到你的来信就给他写信。(一……就)

  以及on the left, right向左向右,on the stair在台阶上等。


  例:On foot步行; on horse骑马; on donkey 骑驴。

  He rode on, blood flowing from his side. 他骑着马,鲜血从腰部流下来。

  The soldier of the Eighth Route Army rode 100 li on a horse a day in order to catch up with his unit. 为赶上部队,那位八路军战士骑马日行百里。

  Go on horse back! 骑马去!

  You are having me on! 你和我开玩笑呢!

  in cab和in carriage 不能用on或by cab或carrige.



  例:At the foot of the mountain, there are thirty of our comrades. 在山脚下,有我们30个同志。

  There is a beautiful lake at the foot of the hill. 山脚下有一个美丽的湖。

  At the gate of the house there are many children playing glassball. 门口有一大群孩子在玩玻璃球。

  Who‘s standing there at the door? 谁站在门口?

  I don‘t need the dictionary at present. 我现在还不需要这本词典。

  He is at present in Washington. 他目前正在华盛顿。

  The train runs at fifty kilometres an hour. 火车每小时行驶50公里。

  we built the plant at top speed and minimun cost. 我们以最低的投资,最高的速度修建了该工厂。

  at home 在国内,在家里

  at ten degrees centigrade 在摄氏10度

  at minus ten degrees centigrade 摄氏零下10度

  Water freezes at 0°centigrade. 水在镊氏零度结冰。

  Water usually boils at 100°。 水通常在摄氏loo度沸赐。

  at zero 在零度

  at the rate of 45 miles an hour

  at full speed 全速

  at a good price 高价

  at a low cost 低成本

  at a great cost 花了很大代价

  at that time 在当时

  Evaporation takes place at all tempertures. 蒸发在任何温度下都能发生。

  at 1000RPM (revolution per minute) 每分钟1000转

  at a high speed 高速

  The soldiers launched an attack upon the enemy at sunset. 战士们在日落时对敌人发起了攻击。

  at daybreak 日出时

  The force at the core leading our cause forward is the Chinese Communist Party. 领导我们事业的核心力量是中国共产党。

  The atom has a nucleus at its core. 在原子的中心有一个原于核。

  At the beginning of this term the teacher in charge of our class was very strict with us. 这学期开始,我们的班主任老师对我们要求非常严格。






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