We got up early this morning and   1  a long walk after breakfast. We walked through the business section of the city. I told you yesterday that the city was larger   2    I thought I t would be.   3  the business  section is smaller than I thought it would be. I suppose that's    4     Washington is a special kind of city.    5    the people in Washington work for the government. About 9: 30 we went to the White House. It's    6    to the public from 10 till 12, and there was a long line of people waiting to get in. We didn't have to wait very long, because the line moved     7    quickly.

The White House is really white. It is painted every year. And it seems very white, because it's got beautiful lawns all around it,    8    many trees and shrubs. The grounds ___9    about four square blocks. I mean, they're about two blocks long  10     each side. The part   11      the President lives and works is not open to the public. But the part we saw was beautiful. We went through five of the main rooms. One of them was the library, on the ground floor. On the next floor, there are three rooms named __12__ the colors that are used in them: the Red Room, the Blue Room and the Green Room. The walls are covered with silk    13   . There are    14      old furniture, from the time     15   the  White House was first built. And everywhere there are paintings and statues of former presidents and other famous people from history.

1. A)made           B)did             C) took         D)got
2.  A) than           B)as              C)so            D)like
3.  A) But            B)Yes             C)So            D)Then
4.  A)since           B)as              C)because       D)because of
5.  A)Much of         B)Most of         C)A lot         D)Lots
6.  A)open            B)opening         C)being opened  D)opened
7.  A)pretty          B)little          C)much          D)very much
8.  A)/               B)having          C)with          D)together
9.  A)include         B)cost            C)cover         D)spread
10. A)by              B)on              C)for           D)with
11. A)which           B)what            C)that          D)where
12. A)by              B)for             C)after         D)before
13. A) cloth          B)clothes         C)clothing      D)cloths
14. A) much pieces of B)many pieces of  C)many a        D)a great many
15. A) that           B)which           C)who           D)when


1.C.该空格后是a long walk 作画线词的宾语,而take a walk 是习用型结构,表示去散步,而其它的动词不与 walk搭配。




Will Quality Eat up the US Lead in Software? 1. What country has more highest-rating companies in the world than any other country has? Will Quality Eat up the US Lead in Software? 1. If U.S. software companies don't pay more attention to

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1. D. 科学研究/探求的办法。文章一开端就提出问题,为什么从希腊文化高峰时期后两千年来归结法和数学科学展开如此迟缓,然后的两百年又超越了前人,是应用新,旧办法关系还是

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本报讯 近日,托福考试的研发和主办机构——美国教育考试效劳中心(ETS)宣布,要向全球数以百万计的托福考生开放一定数量的托福网考真题及参考答案,供免费下载和练习,以便帮


下面就特殊形式的虚拟语气的考点分列如下: “should(可省略)+动词原形”用于如下结构中的that从句中: A.用于表表示原、倡议、命令、提议,央求等动词后的that宾语从句中,这类动


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第三十四篇: Declining Interest in Developing Foreign Language Skills(B级) 综合 Australias foreign language skills are declining, voice of America has reported. New figures show that only 13 percent of high school graduates can s