If we would ever accomplish anything in life, let us not forget that we must persevere. If we would learn our lessons in school, we must be diligent and not give up whenever we come to anything difficult. We shall find many of our lessons very hard, but let us consider that the harder they are the better they will do to us if we will preserve and learn them thoroughly.

  But there are some among us who are ready to give up when they come to a hard example in mathematics, and say, “I can’t do this.” They never will if they feel so. “I can’t” never does anything worthwhile, but “I’ll try” accomplishes wonders.

  Let us remember that we shall meet with difficulties all through life. They are in the pathway of everyone. If we will only try and keep trying, we shall be sure to conquer and overcome very difficulty we meet.




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False Fear of Big Fish Many people believe sharks(鲨鱼)are dangerous and will always try to hurt or even kill humans. (46) A shark exhibition at the National Aquarium(水族馆)in Baltimore,US,proves this. Visitors can touch young s


英语的数词可以分为基数词和序数词两大类 数词的基本作用有两个: 一、作限定词,与名词一起构成词组,如:one banana,the first time,the second longest river; 二、用作名词词组的中心




》点击查看2017留学备考全攻略 关于备考托福,有很多人都会选择自学。往往最直接的的原因就是,报班贵啊!觉得没有必要啊!自己应该能搞定吧........但是你真的合适自学托福考试


Ⅰ.选择题(共15小题,每小题1分) 1.—When did you get your first pair of skates? —________________. A. For 6 years.B. Since I was 7 years old. C. When I was 7 years old.D. Since 6 years ago. 2. —Why are you so ___________,