Lesson Nine 办公自动化

  Talking about hardware

  I’d like to buy a computer with up-to-date components.

  I’m afraid this software is not compatible with the main board.

  Your memory is too small to run this application software.

  A good model of computer includes a Pentium 2.2G processor, 256MB of RAM, a 40GB hard drive, a DVD-ROM drive, a SB live deluxe and a 17-inch monitor.

  Talking about virus, internet and operation

  Virus is a self-duplicating computer program that interferes with a computer’s hardware of operating system.

  In order to protect your data, you need to install a powerful anti-virus program on the hard disk.

  These two documents have been infected with a virus.

  CIH is a very destructive virus.

  CIH virus triggers/strikes/breaks out on the 26th of April or any month.

  Do you often go online?

  I love surfing the internet.

  He’s a netizen/nethead/cyber addict.

  John Dow has a lot of net pals.

  What kind of web site do you often browse?

  Our homepage was attacked by hackers.

  Do you do online shopping?

  You can download all kinds of cute clip arts from this site.

  My computer is down again.

  Press the right button on the mouse.

  Move the cursor here, and double click the left button on the mouse.

  Please key/type in your password.

  Please log in/out.

  Remember to save before you exit.

  Please backup your important documents on a mobile hard disc drive.

  Giving instructions

  Key in your password.

  Insert a floppy disc into Drive A.

  To turn on the machine, turn the power knob clockwise. Turn it counter-clockwise to turn it off.

  Press the button once to start the machine. To stop it, press the same button once again.

  If you press these two keys at the same time, you can switch the status from English to Chinese, or vice versa.




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