acknowledge (v.) confirm that something has arrived确认收悉

  [例] We acknowledge receipt of the shipment.

  [同义词] admit, accept

  acknowledgement (n.) confirmation that something has arrived收条

  [例] After you have received the mail, please return your acknowledgement by fax.

  [同义词] acceptance

  acquire (v.) buy, obtain购得、占有

  [例] We acquired a company, shares, etc.

  [同义词] obtain, get, procure

  acquisition the act of acquiring 收购

  [例] The good news from TCL: the acquisition of Schneider!

  [同义词] merger, takeover

  acting (adj.) working in the position of someone for a short time代理的

  [例] an acting manager

  active money (n.) money that is being used by the public as opposed to money left in bank accounts.流通货币(相关于银行帐户中的货币)

  [例] The inflation increases active money .

  activity (n.) type of business业务

  [例] Our main activity is export /import trade.

  [同义词] business

  act of God (n.) an unexpected or unavoidable event such as a storm , a flood , and earthquake ,etc mentioned in some insurance contracts as a cause of loss or damage 不可抗力

  [例] We will include the term of act of God in this insurance policy to against some uncertain factors.

  [同义词] force majeure

  actual (adj.) real实践的

  [例] Our actual results were better than forecast.

  actual loss (n.) the real cost of something as opposed to a sum of money stated on paper实践损失(相关于帐面损失)

  [例] In the recession, for the latest fiscal year, our actual loss is much greater than the paper loss.

  [相关词汇] paper loss

  actuals (n.) goods that can be purchased and used , as opposed to goods traded on a futures contract that are represented by documents实货(相关于期货)

  [例] The merchant is especially interested in the trading of futures , not actuals.

  [同义词] physicals

  adapt (to ) (v.) to make suitable to or fit for a specific use or situation. 使顺应

  [例] the ability to adapt quickly to a new situation

  [同义词] adjust

  addendum (n.) an extra section that is attached to ,or follows , a letter , report,ect 附录,附件

  [例] write an addendum to a report

  [同义词] appendix

  address (v.) with 处置

  [例] address public concerns


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Step 1: Make a list of all your business associates.Go through your email address book, collection or business cards, or computerized database to make sure youre remembering everyone who should hear from you. Then set the list aside for a


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