acknowledge (v.) confirm that something has arrived确认收悉

  [例] We acknowledge receipt of the shipment.

  [同义词] admit, accept

  acknowledgement (n.) confirmation that something has arrived收条

  [例] After you have received the mail, please return your acknowledgement by fax.

  [同义词] acceptance

  acquire (v.) buy, obtain购得、占有

  [例] We acquired a company, shares, etc.

  [同义词] obtain, get, procure

  acquisition the act of acquiring 收购

  [例] The good news from TCL: the acquisition of Schneider!

  [同义词] merger, takeover

  acting (adj.) working in the position of someone for a short time代理的

  [例] an acting manager

  active money (n.) money that is being used by the public as opposed to money left in bank accounts.流通货币(相关于银行帐户中的货币)

  [例] The inflation increases active money .

  activity (n.) type of business业务

  [例] Our main activity is export /import trade.

  [同义词] business

  act of God (n.) an unexpected or unavoidable event such as a storm , a flood , and earthquake ,etc mentioned in some insurance contracts as a cause of loss or damage 不可抗力

  [例] We will include the term of act of God in this insurance policy to against some uncertain factors.

  [同义词] force majeure

  actual (adj.) real实践的

  [例] Our actual results were better than forecast.

  actual loss (n.) the real cost of something as opposed to a sum of money stated on paper实践损失(相关于帐面损失)

  [例] In the recession, for the latest fiscal year, our actual loss is much greater than the paper loss.

  [相关词汇] paper loss

  actuals (n.) goods that can be purchased and used , as opposed to goods traded on a futures contract that are represented by documents实货(相关于期货)

  [例] The merchant is especially interested in the trading of futures , not actuals.

  [同义词] physicals

  adapt (to ) (v.) to make suitable to or fit for a specific use or situation. 使顺应

  [例] the ability to adapt quickly to a new situation

  [同义词] adjust

  addendum (n.) an extra section that is attached to ,or follows , a letter , report,ect 附录,附件

  [例] write an addendum to a report

  [同义词] appendix

  address (v.) with 处置

  [例] address public concerns


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发案率 incidence (of criminal cases) 发烧友 fancier; zealot; enthusiastic fan 展开不均衡 disparate development 展开是硬道理 Development is of overriding importance. / Development is the absolute need. 法定货币 legal t


account number 帐目编号 depositor 存户 pay-in slip 存款单 a deposit form 存款单 a banding machine 自动存取机 to deposit 存款 deposit receipt 存款收据 private deposits 私人存款 certificate of deposit 存单 depos


1.Airport pick-up 接机 A:Anybody picks you up at the airport? B:My secretary arranged it. I just hope the chauffeur will show up. A:有人去机场接你吗? B:我的秘书布置了,我只是希望司机能到。 2. Book a hotel 订

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