Ⅰ. Translate the following words and expressions from English into Chinese (10%)

  1. favorable balance of trade

  2. gross domestic product

  3. fixed exchange rate system

  4. commercial intercourse

  5. bonds转自环 球 网 校edu24ol.com

  6. patent

  7. royalty

  8. copyright

  9. terms of payment

  10. ASEAN

  Ⅱ. Translate the following words and expressions from Chinese into English(10%)


  12. 欧盟委员会

  13. 转船

  14. 外国货币

  15. 自然资源

  16. 专业化

  17. 比较利益

  18. 进口关税

  19. 最大诚信原则

  20. 最惠国待遇

  Ⅲ. Match the words and expressions on the left with the explanations on the right(10%)

  21. revenue a. legal right of possession

  22. dispute b. amount above what is estimated as necessary

  23. bilateral c. the total annual income of a state

  24. creditor d. something lent on condition of being returned, especially a sum of money lent at interest

  25. remittance e. argument or controversy

  26. anti-dumping f. the entire collection of investments in the form of stocks, bonds, or certificate of deposits for purposes other than controlling

  27. margin g. of two sides

  28. loans h. one form of action which may be taken by a government to protect industries from unfair competition by which goods are sold at a price lower than in the country where they are manufactured

  29. ownership i. the sending of money or the money sent

  30. portfolio j. a person to whom one owes money

  Ⅳ. Make brief explanations of the following terms or give the full name of the abbreviation in English (10%)

  31. international investment

  32. a sight credit

  33. the packing list

  34. clean bill of lading

  35. VAT

  Ⅴ. Answer the following questions in English(20%)

  36. What is a commercial invoice?

  37. What is D/A?

  38. What is the function of insurance?

  39. What is a management contract?

  Ⅵ. Translate the following into Chinese (15%)

  40. In choosing a transportation mode for a particular product, shippers consider as many as six criteria: speed, frequency, dependability, capability, availability and cost. Thus if a shipper seeks speed, air and truck are the prime contenders. If the goal is low cost, then water and pipeline are the prime contenders.

  41. The franchiser can develop internationally and gain access to useful information about the local market with little risk and cost, and the franchisee can easily get into a business with established products or services. Franchising is fairly popular especially in hotel and restaurant business.

  Ⅶ. Translate the following into English(25%)

  42. 口头业务协商指的是面对面的直接谈判或经过国际长途电话中止的商谈。

  43. 包装需按运输的要求中止,在大多数状况下,卖方明白晓得货物安全地运到目的地所需要的包装。

  44. 关于一笔详细买卖来说,信誉证不一定是最理想的付款方式。缔约双方应依据详细状况做出最好的选择。

  45. 在国际贸易中运用正确的单据很重要,否则进口商在提货时会遇到艰难。

  46. 在特定状况下,高利率会吸引短期国际资本,这样就会使本国货币汇率上升。









The turning of the calendar is both arbitrary and powerful. Each day is just another day, but when the year resets we feel like the slate is cleaned and we can begin anew 日历的更迭看似无意却又意义严重。日子一天天地过




瓶颈一: 专心英语(论坛),无视商务。 突破办法:拓展商务背景,培育商务思想。 有的学员多年学习英语,以至是英语专业毕业,英语足够好,语法、词汇以及听说才干具佳,但经过


海关完税价值 customs value 海量存储 mass memory 海上救助船 salvage ship 空中楼阁,镜花水月,无稽之谈 a mares nest 海湾战争综合症 the complexities of the Gulf War 海峡两岸关系协会(海协会) the Asso


今天下午考的口语,考官还挺绅士的~题目记不太清了,但是流程可以写写 候场部分:老师会随机匹配,验证信息,然后就只用拿老师发的评定单,一定要跟partner商量好啊,不能太突


准备深思熟虑 准备工作能够采用多种形式。详细讲,一般需要对以下几方面有明白的认识: 1.作者的角色 一般来说,首先要判定交际双方的等级关系和亲疏关系,然后即可肯定交际