A: Hi. This is Jack. Do you remr me?

B: Yes. How are you, Jack?

A: Fine. Expect that I can’t find anyofmy contacts overseas.

B: You mean our old friends from school? Why?Areyou going to be traveling?

A: Yes. I will be spending the summer inBritaintesting the market.

B: Well, I know a few people in England thatcouldhelp you out.

A: I knew you would know where some peopleare.You are so good at keeping in touch.

B: Here are their names and addresses.


A: Hello! This is Mr. Wang calling fromBeijing..........................


B: Hold on a minute, please. I’ll putyouthrough to Mr. Smith. (……….) Mr. Smithisout of the office.

A: It is urgent, it is about our business,isthere any way to get in touch with him?

B: Please call his mobile phone.

A: But, I don’t know the number forhismobile phone.

B: The number for his mobile phone is09.

A: Thank you very much, bye-bye.


A: Mr. Black, the market isbeingsaturated............................


B: I have been thinking about this problem foralong time, and I have sent market researchers to Asia. But sofarthey haven’t seat back any news.

C: I’m sorry, Mr. Black. I have tobotheryou a few minutes. I just received a fax from ourmarketresearchers.

B: Let me see. Oh, great! They said thesituationthere is very good and our products must be very popular.MissWhite, please notify the sales department that I will haveameeting this afternoon.

C: Ok.

B: There’s more, Miss White, I havetodelay the contact with Mr. Wu from Hong Kong and I would likeMr.Wang to come and let’s have a look at the Asian map.

A: Ok.






1. The power is off / gone. / There will be a power outage tomorrow. 停电 这三句都是停电,但是前二句是比较口语的说法,例如看到电灯突然熄掉了,老美的第一个反应就是Oh! The power is gone,或是


We must apologize for … We apologize for … We are extremely sorry for … 注:以上句型后请运用动词ing形式。 以上句型中的for能够换成that,然后用从句表达。 一般来说,解释产生问题的原因,然


what is the insurance premium? 保险费是几? The premium is to be calculated in this way. 保险费是这样计算的。 The total premium is 800 U.S. dollars. 保险费总共是800美圆。 The cover paid for will vary according to


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