To: Willian Huang, Department of General Affairs

  From: Joseph Liu, Director of Personnel

  Subject: Work Transfer

  Date: July 15, 199-

  I think, Mr. Huang, the Director of your Department has already talked to you about the change in your work. We have arranged to appoint you as section supervisor in the Security Department at a salary of US$** a month (20% increase) as from Tuesday, August 1, 199-. In your new post, you will be responsible to Mr. Francis Yang for the work of night shift employees in the department.

  Your eight years of loyal service in the General Affairs Department have been appreciated by the leadership of the company. Your transfer is completely due to the need of company. You have known that many thefts have recently taken place that have caused heavy losses to our company. We trust that with your appointment to this post, the security work will be greatly strengthened.

  Please write to confirm that you will accept this appointment.




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商务英语口语900句 (07)

161. We hope you will consider our counter-offer most favorably and tell us your decision at your earliest convenience. 我方希望贵方能认真思索我方的还盘,并尽快告知决议。 162.We wish you will reconsider your price


以下单词和词组你们会用英文说吗? 员工晨会(morning staff meeting) 周年留念庆典(anniversary ceremony) 敬酒(toast) 聚会游戏(party trick) 体检(physical checkup) 在职培训(on-the-job training) 年终扫除(ye




511 We really can't discount the price more than six percent. 我们真的无法提供超过6%的折扣。 512 A discount of six percent is all that I'm authorized to offer you. 6%的折扣是我权限内所能给你的。 513 What sort o