1. In addition to the obvious problem――loneliness, another major obstacle, in my opinion, is the alien environment of campus.


  2. Freshmen often get lost on campus; fail to find the way to dormitory or library.

  重生常常在校园迷路,不晓得去宿舍或图书馆该怎么走。转自环 球 网 校edu24ol.com

  3. Most important of all, apart from their hometown and parents, students couldn't catch sight of any familiar face and have to suffer from homelessness, which can cause certain serious mental disease.


  4. In the first place, school authorities should provide far more services to help freshmen to get used to the new life as soon as possible.


  5. The senior and junior students could share their own experience about how to overcome the difficulty they have ever met, how to adjust to the new environment with the new students.


  6. At the same time, young people should be encouraged to communicate with their peers and develop their interpersonal skills, which may help them greatly to reduce dependence on their parents and are essential in the maintenance of healthy mental condition.


  7. In conclusion, we must lay emphasis on this problem and make our maximum contribution to help them spend their first day on campus smoothly.转自环 球 网 校edu24ol.com


  8. There is a general discussion over fashion in recent years. One of the questions under debate is whether a person should choose comfortable clothes, which he or she likes, regardless of fashion.


  9. This issue is becoming a matter of concern for more and more people, especially for parents and experts in education.


  10. Many young people always go into raptures at the merely mention of buying fashion clothes. And they seem to be attracted by colorful material, various styles of fashion clothes. There is nothing, they maintain, that can't be compared with fashion clothes. In fact, fashion clothes had become indispensable part of youngster's life.







成人英语三级考试词汇辨析:into,in to

这一对词很易混杂。 Into是介词,它引导介词片语,在句中用作状语,表示“进入…之中”或“变成”之意。例: He fell into the pond. 他跌到池塘里去了。 The explorers get into difficulties.转


日常温习如采取以下几个办法,将收到良好的效果。 第一招 改动温习方式 温习与自身兴趣分离 很多考生在温习过程中,开端几天积极性高、主动性强,抱着词汇书按计划每天背单词