Persons who are overweight should watch their diet carefully in order to lose pounds. The, best way to do this is to start a weight control program. At first it is wise to talk with your doctor. He can advise you of the number of calories(卡路里) you should have in your meals each day. He can tell you about exercising while on your diet. A good rule is to lose slowly. A loss of a pound or two is plenty.

  Plan meals around foods you know. This means that it is wise to include foods that you are used to and that are part of your regular eating habits. When you have lost the weight you wish, simple items can be added to your diet so that you can maintain the weight you want. While you are dieting, try to build a pattern of eating that you can follow later to maintain your desired weight.

  When dieting, choose low-calorie foods. Avoid such items as fats, fried food, sweets, cakes, cream and soft drinks. Try to take coffee and tea without sugar or cream. Snacks can be part of your diet. For example, a piece of fruit or a simple dessert saved from mealtime can be eaten between meals.

  Keep busy! This way you will not be tempted to go off the diet. Make full use of opportunities to exercise. Try walking instead of riding whenever possible. Happy dieting!

  41. What is the main idea of the passage?

  A) How to diet.

  B) Why we should diet.

  C) What we should diet.

  D) Where we should diet.

  42. While dieting you should ________.

  A) choose fried foods

  B) choose low-calorie food

  C) choose snack as hamburger in McDonalds

  D) talk to your doctor

  43. When you have lost the weight you wish, you can ________.

  A) have some more simple items in your diet

  B) eat more and more foods you like

  C) stop dieting

  D) tell the doctor what you've done

  44. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?

  A) While dieting, you should ask the doctor so that you can lose your weight quickly.

  B) Plan meals means to have some foods you like and take them as your daily eating habits.

  C) When you have lost your weight, you can have some coffee and tea without sugar or cream.

  D) As you are dieting, don't forget exercise.




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